Standard cooling towers – MNK MIDI

Saving on water and energy in industry 

Our MNK MIDI series are designed for cost-effective, energy-saving cooling of process heat. The compact cooling towers can be combined with systems of all types. The circulating water is recooled using the principle of evaporative cooling. 

Structure and function of the MNK MIDI series cooling towers

The cooling towers are available in seven sizes. We assemble the prefabricated elements ready for connection on site. Upon request, you may use of our special cooling tower service. In addition to erection, we could offer a trial run and commissioning. 

All sizes have in common the combined stainless steel-full plastic design (GRP polyester).   

The flat roof is accessible and is surrounded by railings for safety reasons. A GRP cage ladder provides access to the machine unit. 

The cooling fill and water distribution are accessible via an inspection hatch in the outside wall.  

We can extend the cooling systems of the MNK MIDI series at any time to meet your specific requirements. All sizes can be supplied with or without a cooling tower basin. 

The MNK series in detail:  

  • Cold water basin (GRP polyester)
  • Accessible flat roof
  • Fan group with fan stack
  • Water distribution system*
  • Water distribution sprayers*
  • High-performance cooling fill*
  • Drift eliminators*
  • Axial fan
  • Cooling tower gear motor
  • Plastic air intake louvres
  • All hardware of stainless steel
  • Entire system is corrosion-free 

*all components are made of PP and are heat-resistant up to 80 degrees C. 

The strengths of the MNK series: 

  • High thermal output
  • Small approach
  • Designed for high input temperatures
  • High water flow rate
  • Minimal droplet emission
  • Cost-effective energy consumption

We can adapt the MIDI cooling tower series to any operating conditions. 

Additional components on request: 

  • Air outlet silencers
  • Air inlet silencers
  • Basin attenuators
  • Adaptations to winter operation 
  • Measurement and control systems

We have special solutions for effluent and waste water cooling.

Technical data
MNK   72 90 120 180
Length in mm   3030 3890 3580 3580
Width in mm   2400 2400 3580 4930
Height in mm   4000 4000 4730 4730
Waterflow in m³/h   54-90 83-138 126-210 166-277
Heat load (tf=21°C)   1256-2093 1930-3210 2930-4884 3861-6443
Diameter of fan   1524 1524 2475 2475
Motor kW   3,5-6,0 6,0-10,0 10,0-15,0 12,5-15,0
Sound power level dB(A)   92 92 93 93
Technical data
MNK   240 300 360
Length in mm   4930 4930 6030
Width in mm   4930 6030 6030
Height in mm   5150 5150 5500
Waterflow in m³/h   219-366 260-455 340-565
Heat load (tf=21°C)   5093-8513 6326-10583 7908-13141
Diameter of fan   3120 3120 3962
Motor kW   15,0-18,0 18,0-22,0 25,0-50,0
Sound power level dB(A)   94 94 96


MNK-MIDI Data Sheets

Standardkühltürme MNK Midi (pdf, 691 KB) Standard cooling tower MNK Midi (pdf, 690 KB) Tours de refroidissement MNK Midi (pdf, 685 KB)

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