Cooling tower service

Our team of experienced experts specialises both in the design and installation of cooling systems and extensive services. 

We work through the checklists of annual service tasks point by point. You can rest easy once you have taken out one of our service agreements. Cooling plants in particular should be inspected and serviced regularly. Avoid a reduction in capacity or even a breakdown of your cooling units. 

Our cooling tower service extends the service life of your cooling systems and optimises their performances. 

Our cooling tower service makes sense

Water processing and production are often associated with chemical pollution of the water circuit. As a result, the materials used for the water circuit components are inevitably exposed to additional stress.  

Our service contracts for monitoring and regular servicing of cooling towers always focus on extension of the operational life time of your cooling tower system.

Our M-CTI team will support you with advice and practical assistance. Simply get in touch with us!

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