Natural draught cooling towers

Do you want to keep an eye on operating costs, even though your production requires water mass flows above 10,000 cubic metres an hour to dissipate the heat?

If so, we can design and install natural draught cooling towers made of rugged reinforced concrete in accordance with the individual operating conditions.

Cooling towers of this sort are ideal for power stations in particular, as they provide a cooling capacity of several thousand megawatts.

Natural draught cooling towers save on operating costs 

The design makes use of the “chimney effect” with no use of additional energy, which makes it extremely cost-effective. Air is drawn from the bottom to the top through the cooling tower without using any fans. As a result, water heated in the production process is cooled. 

A further advantage: the heated cooling air only escapes at a great height. If the cooling tower is fitted with drifteliminatos, the factory site is not affected by droplet emissions or fog. 


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