Cooling towers

What do you do when the heat generated on your production line has exceeded its maximum limit and the surplus heat has to be dissipated?

Cooling towers from M-CTI Mumme Cooling Tower International are the solution. 

Whether it’s a standard version or a customised model – we are unrivalled when it comes to professional cooling tower design.

Depending on your requirements, three different series of cooling towers are available. 

Our MNK-MAXI series is designed for the needs of heavy industry. Energy producers, steel manufacturing and the (petro)chemical industry are among the target groups. 

For small to medium-sized cooling circuits, our MNK MIDI and MNK SMALL cooling tower series are available. These ranges cope with the needs of a variety of industries from moulding factories to recycling companies. 

Pending on the application, the dimensional ranges from several hundred metres down to the smallest cooling tower covering one square metre.